[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] calling Plan_Launcher leads to Execution_Manager coredump

Gan Deng gan.deng at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jul 10 10:01:37 CDT 2007


>     CIAO (20579|182950300544) Container_Base.cpp
>     -Session_Container::ciao_install_home -ERROR in opening the executor
>     DLL []
>     (20579|182950300544) EXCEPTION, Container_Impl::install
>     user exception, ID 'IDL:Deployment/UnknownImplId:1.0'
>     (20579|182950300544) EXCEPTION, CIAO_NodeApplication::install error
>     user exception, ID 'IDL:Deployment/UnknownImplId:1.0'
>     DAM_Impl:StartError: Session_Container::ciao_install_home, Failed to
>     open executor DLL:

It looks to me that the at least one DLL name in your local directory do 
not match the name you specified in your deployment plan descriptor, 
hence the UnknownImplId exception.

Could you please check your .cdp file and your local directory names to 
make sure they do match with each other?


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