[Ace-users] TAO1.5 notification service is not working in Solaris/CC environment.

prakash.kadam at gmail.com prakash.kadam at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 00:33:19 CDT 2007

Hi All,
  I am using TAO1.5 version on solaris machine. with Sun CC compiler.
  Machin details: SunOS ocean 5.8 Generic_117350-35 sun4u sparc
  C++ (Sun CC) Compiler details : Sun C++ 5.7 2005/01/07

  I compiled it successfull. Simple Client-Server is working very
well, but Notification Service doesn't work.

  Following are the steps How I run Notification service.
  step 1: Start the TAO Naming Service
    $TAO_ROOT/bin/Naming_Service/Naming_Service -o ns.ior
  step 2: Start the TAO Notification Service
    $TAO_ROOT/bin/Notify_Service/Notify_Service -ORBInitRef
    Here, it just display message as 'Loading the Cos Notification
    but doesn't run ORB threads.

  But when I compile it with g++ on same machine, and notification
service works fine.

  Please help me to run TAO successfully on Solaris machine with Sun
CC compiler.

  - Prakash Kadam.

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