[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] calling Plan_Launcher leads to Execution_Manager coredump

Friedhelm Wolf friedhelm.wolf at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 16 06:39:51 CDT 2007


Can you please give the exact list of commands that you used to create
> Makefiles?   Are you still using SuSE (from your original PRF) or have you

I'm simply using $ACE_ROOT/bin/mwc.pl -type make

switched to using Windows?  All talk about *d and DLL et al doesn't make

I'm sorry, if I mixed terms somewhere. I'm still on Linux using .so

sense on SuSE.  How did you generate the MPC file for your components?  Did
> you use $ACE_ROOT/bin/generate_component_mpc.pl or did you write it by
> hand?

Exactly, I used the perl script and adopted the project to my needs
because I had to integrate several existing libraries to implement the

If you don't have these libraries, then you have a problem.  Assuming you
> do have these libraries, make sure that you enter Foo_exec in the location
> field in CoSMIC corresponding to the Foo_Exec
> ImplementationArtifact.  BTW,
> please also make sure that you do File->Check->Check All to check all the
> constraints before you generate a deployment plan using CoSMIC.

The CoSMIC model is correct and I checked the implementation artifact

>> > For example, you can find below tag
> >> >
> >> >      <location>Receiver_DnC_exec</location>
> >> >
> >> > appearing in the .cdp file of Hello example. And then you can check
> what
> >> > the name of the library is in your $ACE_ROOT/lib directory. I suspect
> it
> >> > is Receiver_DnC_execd.so, right?
> >>
> >> Sorry, I meant libReceiver_DnC_execd.so.

It's libReceiver_DnC_exec.so for me, because I did not build ACE/TAO as a
debug version.

> I just built the release version of ACE/TAO/CIAO and then made symbolic
> > links for the lib*d.so libraries, which just reference the release
> > versions.
> Please don't do any of these tricks.  It becomes a nightmare to track down
> the problems.  Either keep separate workspaces or use the
> $ACE_ROOT/bin/create_ace_build.pl to create multiple build configurations
> with the same source tree.

Ok, I  got rid of the links and I am now using the release configuration
within CIAO and my component projects.

> Your using -type make to MPC is the problem.  You should use
> $ACE_ROOT/bin/mwc.pl -type gnuace <something.mwc>

As far as I understood, the gnuace build type is mainly to build
itself and the standard make build type is more suitable for projects
outside the
CIAO source tree (and I consider my component project as a standalone

to build CIAO on Linux.  And don't modify anything under
> $ACE_ROOT/MPC/templates unless you know what you are doing.

I undid the changes to the template files now.
What I'm planning to do now, is to integrate my project into the CIAO source
tree and make it as similar to a running example as possible to
narrow the problem down.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, your help is appriciated very much.

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