[ace-users] Help needed with CORBA wide strings in ACE/TAO and Borland C++

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Sat Jun 9 07:52:38 CDT 2007


To ensure that we have proper version/platform/compiler information,
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>I"ve just assumed support of legacy applications written in Borland C++ v6
>which use ACE/TAO orb for a corba interface to external systems.  The
>external vendor recently changed their IDL to support corba wide strings.
>Apparently this requires building ACE for both Unicode (for the IDL) and
>non-Unicode (for TAO), then linking our app with tao_b.lib but ace_bu.lib.
>-  Neither the latest release or beta builds of ACE/TAO build and install
>correctly for Borland.  Does anyone have usable ACE/TAO libs and headers for
>BCB6 that work with wide strings?

I doubt it - that's not a widely used platform configuration.

>- What other orbs are there for easy integration with Borland and wide
>string support? I tried Orbacus today but its readme refers to non-existent
>Borland make files and its Microsoft makefile fails in MSC++ v6 (which it
>claims to support).  Is there ANY C++ orb I can plug into Borland within one
>day and get wide string support that works?

I recommend you contact one of the companies listed in


who can provide you with ACE+TAO commercial support.  That might help
you out.



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