[Ace-users] SCTP using ACE on Windows

Pal gopal.reddy at wipro.com
Mon Jun 11 07:02:37 CDT 2007

  I am writing SCTP application using ACE on Widows XP platform and
using ACE 5.5.1. Am unble make SCTP work on. Here is code that i have
written. When i execute the (compilation is successful) it errors out
with message that (cannot open the listening port). I would like to
know if I need to enable any flag to make it SCTP  work on Windows or
am i missing something in my code? Any help or pointers in this regard
would be highly appreciated!
Here is the code that i have written...

#include "ace/SOCK_SEQPACK_Connector.h"
#include "ace/SOCK_SEQPACK_Acceptor.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#define TTCPPORT 5001
#define BYTE_MESG 0xcd

int main()
  ACE_SOCK_SEQPACK_Acceptor AcceptorSocket;

  ACE_Multihomed_INET_Addr ServerAddr (TTCPPORT,
#ifdef ACE_HAS_IPV6
                                      (0 ?
                                       ACE_IPV6_LOCALHOST :
#else /* ! ACE_HAS_IPV6 */
#endif /* ! ACE_HAS_IPV6 */

  if (-1 == AcceptorSocket.open (ServerAddr,
#ifdef ACE_HAS_IPV6
                                 (0 ? AF_INET6 : AF_INET),
#else /* ! ACE_HAS_IPV6 */
#endif /* ! ACE_HAS_IPV6 */
#if defined (IPPROTO_SCTP)
#endif /* IPPROTO_SCTP */
   printf( "cannot open the listening port\n");
   printf( "opened the listening port\n");
  return 0;

Thanks and Regards,

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