[ace-users] TAO NamingViewer

Urs Stotz stotz at gmx.ch
Sat Jun 9 13:24:03 CDT 2007

hi Stefan

Stefan Naewe wrote:
> Is anyone able to "give" me a current version of the TAO naming viewer
> ($TAO_ROOT/utils/NamingViewer) as an EXE.

What you meen with current version, you meen the OCI or the DOC version?

> I only have MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and that doesn't come
> with MFC.
> You don't need to send it to me. A web (or FTP) server is preferred.

there is the current OCI TAO 1.5a version
of the NamingViewer (Release build):

You need the current VC2005 C++ runtimelib version 8.00.50727.762.
For example installed with VC2005 Service Pack 2.


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