[ace-users] Help needed with CORBA wide strings in ACE/TAO and Borland C++

Martin Corino mcorino at remedy.nl
Sat Jun 9 08:36:26 CDT 2007


On Saturday 09 June 2007 14:52, Douglas C. Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> >I"ve just assumed support of legacy applications written in Borland C++ v6
> >which use ACE/TAO orb for a corba interface to external systems.  The
> >external vendor recently changed their IDL to support corba wide strings.
> >Apparently this requires building ACE for both Unicode (for the IDL) and
> >non-Unicode (for TAO), then linking our app with tao_b.lib but ace_bu.lib.
> >
> >-  Neither the latest release or beta builds of ACE/TAO build and install
> >correctly for Borland.  Does anyone have usable ACE/TAO libs and headers
> > for BCB6 that work with wide strings?
> I doubt it - that's not a widely used platform configuration.

Remedy IT is currently the sole active supporter of Borland C++ builds for 
We have (among others) a daily BCB6 build for ACE+Unicode on the scoreboard 
which builds and runs tests without noticable problems.
We also have ACE+TAO(+CIAO) builds with BCB6 and BCB2006 on the scoreboard but 
these do not include Unicode. I'm not sure when this configuration has been 
tested last.

Unfortunately because of lack of sponsorship the Borland builds are threatened 
with 'extinction';-)
We will be happy to discuss our support options with you in order to help you 
solve your current problems and keep Borland C++ supported for ACE+TAO.

> >- What other orbs are there for easy integration with Borland and wide
> >string support? I tried Orbacus today but its readme refers to
> > non-existent Borland make files and its Microsoft makefile fails in MSC++
> > v6 (which it claims to support).  Is there ANY C++ orb I can plug into
> > Borland within one day and get wide string support that works?

I do not think there are any left except for the commercial Borland 
In the last couple of years we have assisted a number of clients moving from 
Visibroker/Borland C++ to TAO/Borland C++.


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