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Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Jun 19 12:22:42 CDT 2007


Between the doc_group 1.5.6 and 1.5.8 we did fix several 64bit issues, we do
have several 64bit warnings left, people are working on that, but we do
search for more funding to fix the last ones. As you can see on
http://remedy.nl, the doc_group version of ACE/TAO does get tested daily on
Windows XP 64bit with Intel C++ 9.1, we build with Intel 9.0. Hopefully soon
we get some funding to do the port to Intel C++ 10.0. On the scoreboard you
can see that the doc_group version of ACE/TAO/CIAO is tested on a lot of
platforms and you can see exactly the status of each port. We do use the
doc_group version with Intel C++ 9.1 in a large customer project that runs
on Linux 32bit/EM64T/IA64 and Windows 64bit, all with Intel C++ without any


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> Johnny is probably right that the latest doc_group version has
> better support for 64-bit systems than the OCI TAO 1.4a_p9
> version you are currently using.  That version is over one year
> old, and is in a release family that is rooted on the TAO 1.4.3
> beta release that was released in December 2004.
> However, I believe OCI's latest TAO 1.5a release will have
> comparable 64-bit support to the doc_group version since it is
> based on a quite recent (1.5.6) beta release, plus has been
> extensively tested and stabilized across a wide variety of
> platforms and development environments.  OCI TAO 1.5a can be
> downloaded from:
> http://download.ociweb.com/TAO-1.5a/
> If you are interested in staying with OCI's fully-supported
> family of releases, please give TAO 1.5a a try.  If you find
> any issues with it, please let us know.
> Thank you.
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