[ace-users] Running the test suite in Windows

Stew Paddaso stew.paddaso at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 17:25:35 CDT 2007

Pardon if I'm a little dense for not getting this...

I want to run the test suite to test my Win32 build of ACE. I compiled
the ACE solution... no problems there. I then ran ACE_Test, but it
generated no output... so I ran ACE_Init_Test, with the same result. I
looked at the source code for both... does ACE_Test do anything?  It
also appears that ACE_Init_Test requires ACE to have been built
against MFC to actually work.

Ok, so then I installed Perl for Win32 and tried to execute
run_test.pl, but I keep getting about not being able to locate
PerlACE/run_test.pm.  I found the PerlACE directory in
$(ACE_ROOT)\bin, so I poked around and found 'run_all.pl'. I ran this,
but got other errors.

My question: How do I run the test suite in Windows?


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