[ace-users] Running the test suite in Windows

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Jun 20 17:33:35 CDT 2007

hi Stew,

> Pardon if I'm a little dense for not getting this...

No problemo.  BTW, please make sure you fill out the appropriate problem
report form (PRF), which is in


or in


in older versions of ACE+TAO.  Make sure to include this information
when asking any questions about ACE+TAO since otherwise we have to
"guess" what version/platform/compiler/options you've using, which is
very error-prone and slows down our responsiveness.  If you don't use
the PRF, therefore, it is less likely that someone from the core
ACE+TAO developer team will be able to answer your question.
Naturally, we encourage and appreciate other members of the ACE+TAO
user community who can respond to questions that they have the answers

> I want to run the test suite to test my Win32 build of ACE. I compiled
> the ACE solution... no problems there. I then ran ACE_Test, but it
> generated no output... so I ran ACE_Init_Test, with the same result. I
> looked at the source code for both... does ACE_Test do anything?  

Sure - please check out ACE_ROOT/tests/README, which says:

"By default, all the output from the tests will be stored in separate
files in the ./log/ (or .\log\) directory.  However, you can override
this by setting the ACE_TEST_DIR environment variable to another

This file also explains how to run the tests: 

"The tests can be executed in a single pass via the perl script



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