[Ace-users] [ace-users] Building ACE/TAO with new Microsoft safe options

Olivier Brunet o.brunet at free.fr
Fri Nov 23 15:39:20 CST 2007


I noticed that dll and exe built on Windows through MPC are not using 
new Microsoft's security options.

I would like to know how I could modify the MPC build process for ACE 
TAO to include the security options Microsoft provides with Vista and 
- NX protection
- Stack Overflow protection
- ASLR (Vista's Address space Layout randomization)
- SafeSEH

I enable these with my different projects (exe & dlls) through:

/GS for compilation (Stack overflow protection)


/dynamicbase  (vista aslr)
/SAFESEH  	(safeseh)
/NXCOMPAT 	(NX-able)

for linking.

Or maybe these options are already availble with some MPC's "features" I 
don't know ?

Thanks for your lights.

PS: /dynamicbase requires VC8 SP1

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