[Ace-users] [ace-users] Building ACE/TAO with new Microsoft safe options

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Fri Nov 23 17:32:23 CST 2007

Hi Olivier,

> I noticed that dll and exe built on Windows through MPC are not
> new Microsoft's security options.

Correct. Nobody has seen fit to add them, apparantly.

> I would like to know how I could modify the MPC build process for
> TAO to include the security options Microsoft provides with Vista
> Xp-Sp2:
> - NX protection
> - Stack Overflow protection
> - ASLR (Vista's Address space Layout randomization)
> - SafeSEH

You can add handling for these in the MPC templates/vc8.mpd (for VC8)
and vc7.mpd (for VC7.1). You can come up with appropriate MPC options
for these and handle them in the mpd files. Also, for your own private
use, you could use the MPC buildflags to add the specific options you

> I enable these with my different projects (exe & dlls) through:
> /GS for compilation (Stack overflow protection)
> and
> /dynamicbase  (vista aslr)
> /SAFESEH  	(safeseh)
> /NXCOMPAT 	(NX-able)
> for linking.
> Or maybe these options are already availble with some MPC's 
> "features" I don't know ?
> Thanks for your lights.
> PS: /dynamicbase requires VC8 SP1

If you'd rather have someone else develop, test, and integrate these
changes for you, please let me know.

Bet regards,

Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation
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