[Ace-users] [ace-users] Building ACE/TAO with new Microsoft safe options

Olivier Brunet o.brunet at free.fr
Sat Nov 24 08:25:37 CST 2007

>> I would like to know how I could modify the MPC build process for
> ACE 
>> TAO to include the security options Microsoft provides with Vista
> and 
>> Xp-Sp2:
>> - NX protection
>> - Stack Overflow protection
>> - ASLR (Vista's Address space Layout randomization)
>> - SafeSEH
> You can add handling for these in the MPC templates/vc8.mpd (for VC8)
> and vc7.mpd (for VC7.1). You can come up with appropriate MPC options
> for these and handle them in the mpd files. Also, for your own private
> use, you could use the MPC buildflags to add the specific options you
> want.

I've done this so far and recompiled ACE/TAO, our application runs OK 
for some hours, it someone is interested:

In acedefaults.mpb:
   specific(vc8) {
	    // Enable structured exception handling
	    ExceptionHandling = 2

	compile_flags = /GS
	link_options = /dynamicbase /SAFESEH /NXCOMPAT

I use these features:

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