[Ace-users] Need Suggestion for building a distributed platform based on ACE

duke lianwu.pan at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Nov 25 02:45:19 CST 2007

My project need a lightweight distributed platform. TAO is just too
big and complicated for us.
I am new to ACE, and i have a basic idea of how to build my platform
on ACE but just need
some suggestion from you to make sure that if it is possible to build
such a platform.

Basic idea of our platform is like below:
. Dynamic configurable service and partition. same service maybe run
on different server
  with different partition.  every service will register its host and
port on a NET_LOCAL naming
  service. then the client that use these services can locate them by
query the naming service.
  does it possible?  or ACE already provide utility to register and
locate service dynamically.

. RMI/serialize. The client will use RMI to communicate with service.
does ACE provide a
  RMI interface or any basic component that i can use to build a RMI ?

. Message queue/Channel: also i need a persistent channel to store the
data. i know
  ACE provide message queue lib. but it seems it is not persistent.
any suggestion?

many thanks for your suggestion

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