[Ace-users] Redirecting stdout

brunorijsman at gmail.com brunorijsman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 08:53:25 CDT 2007

I ran into an ACE behavior which I don't understand.

I have a program developed using the ACE framework which contains a
line printf("hello");

When I run the program in a Linux environment, it prints "hello" to
the console as expected.

When I redirect stdout to a file (e.g. "myprogram > file") the string
"hello" is written to the file as expected.

However, when I pipe the output to some other process (e.g. "myprogram
| cat") it appears that the string "hello" is never written into the

Is this expected / explainable behavior? If so, is there a known way
to make the pipe work?

Thanks -- Bruno.

PS - I did the same experiment with a simple C program without using
ACE, and it that case the pipe works as expected.

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