[ace-users] Ace on VxWorks 5.4.2 / Tornado 2.0.2

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Fri Sep 7 03:00:17 CDT 2007


> We have been using TAO-1.2.1 in production on PPC604 and 
> VxWorks-5.4.x/5.5.x for several years. Our build environment is 
> cross-compiling from Solaris or Linux, using either the 
> patched compiler 
> from Wind River (it ain't exactly 2.7.x) or a patched 
> compiler we built 
> ourselves (not recommended; I'll look at the link you included).
> Anyway, it works for us, though we patch TAO to get around loader 
> limitations on VxWorks which cause trouble with singletons (we also 
> would patch the most recent versions of TAO since VxWorks 
> continues to 
> have those limitations).

Just a note, the singletons can lead to an issue when using shared
libraries. We as Remedy IT do maintain and port ACE/TAO/CIAO to VxWorks, but
our focus is on the static library build, that is used by all current


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