[ace-users] Can I upgrade Notification Service without rebuilding my app ?

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Sep 7 19:41:15 CDT 2007

Hi Alexis,

>Thank you Doug for your reply,

You are quite welcome.

>I have built NT_Notify_Service (patched version 1.4a_p18 from OCI) and
>it seems to work "out of the box" without the need to rebuild my
>applications (built with 1.4 vanilla).
>It seems to me less prone to compatibility issues to keep the same
>base version.
>I will let pass some days in testing to see whether the memory leaks
>have gone before putting it in production environment.

Ok, sounds good.  Since you're using the OCI version now please send
questions to taosupport at ociweb.com since they provide excellent
commercial support for their releases of TAO.


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