[ace-users] Integration of Event Handling for CORBA AMI and OpenDDS

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Sep 7 19:49:37 CDT 2007


> Having followed the DDS standard evolution over the past couple years,
> it has led me to recently rediscovering the ACE/TAO stuff, in
> conjunction with OpenDDS, after having dismissed it for a long time
> (CORBA is "dead", right?) due to a forced foray into the wonderful
> (non-performant) world of J2EE/.Net and web services.

Welcome home ;-)

> What am I missing or not understanding?  I really expected that
> since TAO and OpenDDS were put out by more-or-less the same group
> that it would be easy to integrate them in the way I'm describing,
> e.g. a single calling thread.

Actually, TAO and OpenDDS have very different design centers.  OpenDDS
has been developed almost exclusively by OCI, so I recommend you
contact them via the OpenDDS mailing list at



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