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Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Sep 18 02:16:18 CDT 2007

Your numbers look too high, can you have a look at orb logging and see what
is happening? Maybe something is looping.
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	We're using ACE+TAO-5.5.3 and more specifically the UDP multicast
gateway RTEC.  The target platform is PPC Linux and the compiler is gcc


	We have an event that is published at 400 Hz.  The publish side
seems fine - barely using the CPU - until a consumer is run.  Since I'm
using UDP multicast, I'm not sure how it knows when a consumer is run, but
once it does, the publisher maxes out the CPU.  If I run a publisher on a
different machine and just a consumer on the target, the consumer maxes out
the CPU trying to keep up.  Focusing on the consumer, I've hacked out all of
my code (the POA_RtecEventComm::PushConsumer::push function simply returns)
and it still has the same problem.  I doubt this is an RTEC bug but rather a
misconfiguration (since I know folks are using the RTEC in more taxing


	Here is the configuration I'm using for all my RTEC apps (I do a
static init without a svc.conf file):


	      "-ECObserver", "basic",

	      "-ECProxyPushConsumerCollection", "mt:copy_on_write:list",

	      "-ECProxyPushSupplierCollection", "mt:copy_on_write:list",

	      "-ECDispatching", "reactive",

	      "-ECScheduling", "null",

	      "-ECFiltering", "prefix",

	      "-ECSupplierFilter", "per-supplier"


	Is there something I'm doing here that is causing unnecessary work?
Our consumer app is pretty simple - it only has a single consumer for a
specific event type.  I think I copied these settings from somewhere else
and admittedly don't fully understand what impact it has on performance.
The EC config doc doesn't give many hints as to what combination would be
the highest performance for a simple app.  I've tried a few tweaks to the
configuration but it didn't help.







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