[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] [CIAO-users]: General questions

Abdul Sowayan sowayan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 23:31:31 CDT 2007

> I am trying to build the assembly to deploy in CIAO with DAnCE, but  
> the tutorial "Step-by-step" is very hard to follow by one user  
> without experience to construct manually all necessary descriptors  
> files (.ccd, .cid, .iad, .cpd, .pcd, .cdd, .tpd, .cdp).

I helped write parts of that tutorial. I agree with you that manually  
writing those descriptors is hard, tedious, and error prone. Luckily,  
you don't have to manually write them. Generating those descriptors  
with cosmic greatly simplifies your task. The rest of the tutorial  
describes this in detail. I'm assuming you're talking about the  
tutorial in $CIAO-ROOT/docs/tutorials/simple/quoter, if that's not the  
tutorial you're referring to, then give the tutorial I mentioned a try.

> Are there any other script (like "generate_component_mpc.pl" ) that  
> can generate all these files related to one or more components that  
> needed be assembled/deployed.

Yes, this is what cosmic is for.

> I was reading about the CoSMIC, and i would like to know if the  
> descriptor files generated by this tools is fully compatible with  
> linux environment?

The descriptors are platform independent. We've used them under  
windows, Linux, timesys, and lynxos without problems.


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