[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] TAO Valuetypes - sufficient for RMI/IIOP ?

Steve Totten totten_s at ociweb.com
Tue Sep 25 21:37:07 CDT 2007


Juergen <weberjn at gmail.com> wrote:

>> the TAO/docs/releasenotes/OBV.html document states that there is some
>> support for valuetypes in TAO, but some features are missing, so it
>> seems you cannot use TAO as an EJB client, can you?
>> If yes, is there a sample that shows how to do that with TAO?
>> If no, is somebody working on enhancing TAO's valuetypes?
>> It would be great if you could have an Open Source C++ Orb talking to
>> EJBs running in an Open Source application server like Geronimo.

I think the missing piece from TAO's Valuetype support needed
to support interoperability with EJBs was boxed valuetypes.
Support for boxed valuetypes was added to TAO 1.4.7.  I suggest
trying it out with the DOC Group's latest release (1.6.1) or with
OCI's latest release (TAO 1.5a_p3) to see how it works.  If you
get it working, we would really appreciate the contribution of an
example.  If you need support, do not hesitate to contact OCI or
one of the other companies that provides commercial support for

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