[Ace-users] AOP with TAO

Thomas Kowalski th-ko at gmx.de
Wed Sep 26 06:22:23 CDT 2007

Hi everyone,

currently I am using ACE 5.5.1 and TAO 1.5.1 and AMI to implement the

Lets assume we have at least two types of services ( A and B ).
Instances of B are processing an event-queue each. During the
processing of each event B invoke one of several methods on an
instance of A. As an response A shall invoke one of several methods on
B. After such a method is invoked by A on B the event-processing shall
continue and B might send the next message to A. In other words B is
somehow serializing and preprocessing the events for an Instance of A.

 B                           A
 |                             |
 |----newEvent(e) ---->|
 |< -    -    -    -   -   -  |
 |                             |---|
 |                             |   | do something
 |                             |<-|
 |< --- continue() -------|
 | -   -   -   -   -   -  -  >|
 |   | continueEventLoop()

In AOP you might specify that after each invocation of a method
another method shall be executed.
Is there such a "message-send-completed"-hook in TAO that let you do
such processing? What might be the best way to continue processing B's
event-queue after we processed the message that A send in response to
the last event?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Thomas Kowalski

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