[Ace-users] ACE_Task_Base fails to activate

teromari at luukku.com teromari at luukku.com
Wed Feb 6 05:32:38 CST 2008

ACE VERSION: 5.5a  (same effect even if "same" non OCI version is
Intel PC, Windows XP and VisualStudio 7.1

My application is release build and it dynamically loads ((ACE_DLL
m_DLL) m_DLL.open(str.c_str())) a debug build library.
So exe uses ACE.dll library and test library uses ACEd.dll library.

If I try to activate a new thread (class MyThread : public
ACE_Task_Base => MyThread->activate()) in dynamically loaded library,
I get the following error:
Unhandled exception at 0x7c901010 in MyTest.exe: 0xC0000005: Access
violation reading location 0x00000018.

Without a call to MyThread->activate() a dynamically loaded libraries
causes no errors.
Also when both exe and dynamically loaded library are using same ACE
library (both are release or debug build) there are no errors when
activating threads.

Is it forbidden to use two different ACE librarys at the same process
(other one a debug build and another release build)?
If it is not forbidden, any guess what I have missed?

I have all three books, but could not find a solution from them, thank
you for your time,


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