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Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Feb 12 06:58:28 CST 2008


You have to add the define to your config.h file (as first line).


> I probably should have started by this, but this deadlock is actually
> happening.
> I am using ACE 5.5, on RedHat EL 4, kernel Linux 2.6.9-55.0.2.ELsmp.
> This program is a process manager, and can be told to kill all its
> children process, which in turn produce a lot of SIGCHILD. At line 314,
> the method handle_signal does this: getReactor()->notify( this );
> Using gdb when the program is frozen, we get the following backtrace:
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x0000003dffec09d0 in __write_nocancel () from /lib64/libc.so.6
> #1  0x00002aaaaab642da in ACE::send (handle=5, buf=0x7fff0ec75790,
> n=16,
> timeout=Variable "timeout" is not available.
> ) at ../../ace/OS_NS_unistd.inl:1343
> #2  0x00002aaaaabe36ef in ACE_Select_Reactor_Notify::notify
> (this=0x1089afa0, event_handler=0x108bd780, mask=4,
>     timeout=0x0) at ../../ace/Pipe.inl:26
> #3  0x00002aaaaab728d4 in
> ACE_Select_Reactor_T<ACE_Reactor_Token_T<ACE_Token> >::notify
> (this=Variable "this" is not available.
> )
>     at ../../ace/Select_Reactor_T.cpp:221
> #4  0x000000000046508f in ACALC::ProcessusManager::handle_signal
> (this=0x108bd780, signum=17, si=0x7fff0ec75a50,
>     ut=0x7fff0ec75920)
>     at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/processManager.cpp:314
> #5  0x00002aaaaabebb90 in ACE_Sig_Handler::dispatch (signum=17,
> siginfo=0x7fff0ec75a50, ucontext=0x7fff0ec75920)
>     at ../../ace/Signal.cpp:429
> #6  <signal handler called>
> Johnny,
> When I greped on the ace source dir, I didn't find any reference to
> ACE_HAS_REACTOR_NOTIFICATION_QUEUE in the config files, only in the
> source files, so I guess the code for the unbounded notification queue
> is not compiled in my case. Do I need to modify the config files by
> hand
> to activate this ?
> >From what I understand, this code only send one notification through
> the
> pipe at a time, is that correct ?
> That would solve the problem.
> Thank you,
> Philippe
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> Hi,
> Johnny
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> message
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> Does anyone agree/disagree there is an issue here ?
> I would really appreciate your help about this.
> Regards,
> Philippe David
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> 	Subject:	Notify in handle_signal
> 	Hi,
> 	I have a question relative to the sample code in section 7.4 of
> the ACE programmer's guide p158.
> 	In a handle_signal callback, there is the following code:
> 	ACE_Reactor::instance ()->notify(this)
> 	There is a potential deadlock here. If for some reason the
> process receives a lot of signals, and you don't process the
> notifications quickly enough, the pipe can be full. Since this call is
> blocking, and you are processing a signal, there is no chance your
> process will unlock from this situation.
> 	What is the best way to solve this ? Making a blocking call in
> handle_signal looks like a mistake to me.
> 	In the case of notify, if the pipe is full there's is no need to
> wait, it will stay in this state as long as we are in handle_signal. I
> see that we can add a timeout to the notify call, so at least it won't
> wait forever. But as I said, if the pipe is full there is no need to
> wait, so what is the best value for this timeout ? 1ms ? Are we 100%
> sure this low value won't skip a write when the pipe is not full ?
> 	Still, it means that every signal received when the pipe is full
> will lock the process for 1ms, so we are slowing down the process
> exactly when it is not fast enough to handle all the signals received.
> Plus each handle_signal will be 1ms long, which is too much.
> 	So is there a way to make a non blocking call in the notify ? or
> a way to know if the pipe is full before trying to make a write on the
> pipe ?
> 	---
> 	Philippe David
> 	SOGETI High Tech
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