[Ace-users] [tao-users] ACE (and TAO) timers for Real-Time

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Feb 27 19:09:30 CST 2008

Hi Mauricio,

> My definition of "real-time" is just to be predictable. I am testing how
> far RTOS can goes for distributed real-time systems.

BTW, please check out


for lots of papers with empirical results that evaluate the QoS of
TAO/ACE for distributed real-time and embedded systems.



> > Some would say that you would need something like RTDM within Xenomai or 
> > RTAI to ensure network real-time performance, but perhaps your needs are 
> > not quite that stringent.
> Is for a master thesis, I am comparing platforms (Linux with RT patches,
> QNX and VxWorks). The idea is to check for each platform how predictable
> they are for distributed aplications. ACE and TAO offers me portability,
> so that the reason why I am using the middleware.
> > You might achieve "good enough" by using local timing services and local 
> > NTP to get within a few microseconds, but of course that would not 
> > guarantee execution ordering between distributed processes.
> Yes, that is the other paradigm that I am exploring, and till now is
> giving much better results. But the idea of using the RT-CORBA and
> the ACE patterns is quite tempting also, as you must know.
> Also, the framework that i am using (ACS), is based on TAO,
> so i have no more options that use ACE. When I said "proper network",
> this could be just unix sockets over a single host. TAO and ACE, 
> is not only a CORBA/Network library to me, is a pattern factory
> that could help to build complex real-time systems without leaving
> a single host.
> Bye!
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> Mauricio Araya L. 
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