[Ace-users] [tao-users] ACE (and TAO) timers for Real-Time

Thomas Lockhart Thomas.Lockhart at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 27 21:38:02 CST 2008

>  Also, the framework that i am using (ACS), is based on TAO, so i have
>  no more options that use ACE. When I said "proper network", this
>  could be just unix sockets over a single host. TAO and ACE, is not
>  only a CORBA/Network library to me, is a pattern factory that could
>  help to build complex real-time systems without leaving a single
>  host.

Ah, I spoke with Gianluca a few years ago about ACS and I lurk on the 
ACS mailing list.

We have had success here and at Magdelena Ridge Observatory with our 
framework using plain ACE/TAO on Linux, but then using the Xenomai RTOS 
to schedule RT threads. So we do not compile TAO against Xenomai, but 
have some ACE threads which are promoted to RT threads with explicit 
calls to Xenomai. I'm not sure what rates are used in ACS (I know some 
of the target systems are lower rate things like telescope controllers), 
but we get threads firing at rates up to 5kHz for our interferometer 
control loops.

If you want more details feel free to ask.


                          - Tom

Thomas Lockhart
Supervisor, Realtime Software Group
Interferometry and Large Optical Systems

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