[ace-users] Upgrade from ACE 5.5. to ACE 6.4 compilation error

Frank Kaaijk fkaaijk at delftdi.com
Wed Dec 20 03:00:19 CST 2017

As the subject already shows, I'm working on a long overdue version update of our ACE library.

We're moving to VS2017 and must therefore rebuild all libraries.
I've tried building 5.5 in VS2017 but got in big trouble pretty soon due to the _MSC_VER defines.
I decided to leave that route and build the latest stable version 6.4.0 in VS2017.

The building works just fine, but I get compilation errors:
Error C2079: 'guard' uses undefined class 'ACE_Guard<ACE_Thread_Mutex> '

I'm including 'ace\Synch.h' (and 'ace\ACE.h'), but as I already found out this header file no longer includes 'Guard_T.h' (as was the case in 5.5.)

I can add this include to my source, but is that correct? I expect Guard_T.h to be included by some 'base' include file.

One other question:
I'm generating NuGet packages and need to have the correct includes. Right now, I'm copying all '*.h', '*.inl' and '*.cpp' from ACE_Wrappers/ace. Is that correct? Or is a Perl script available for 'installing' ACE?

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