[ace-users] ACE TAO: Upgrade from 5.5.4 to 6.5.7

Adam Mitz mitza at objectcomputing.com
Wed Mar 11 11:37:16 CDT 2020

Hi Yorick,

On 3/11/2020 4:58 AM, Yorick wrote:
> I have encountered an issue with upgrading from ACE 5.5.4 (TAO 1.5.4) to ACE 6.5.7 (TAO 2.5.7).
> [...]
>      SYNOPSIS:
> Upon binding CosNaming::Name I get a SIGABRT from libc, originating from the _this () method generated by TAO_IDL.
>  From GDB I get this stacktrace:
> *** Error in `<APPLICATION>.exe': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x000000000aa12810 ***
> And crashes on the return of the new one.
> The application I'm trying to upgrade is very old, and I'm not that 
> familiar with ACE/TAO. I confirmed that the code is following the 
> example described here: 
> http://www.dre.vanderbilt.edu/~schmidt/DOC_ROOT/TAO/docs/tutorials/Quoter/Naming_Service/index.html
>      REPEAT BY:
> I test everything locally, no extra servers, and the old version of ACE TAO works without problems.

The error message from free() seems like it's saying that the heap is 
already corrupt.  If that's true, then this particular location isn't 
all that relevant to finding the root cause.  A tool like valgrind or 
asan could be more helpful.

Adam Mitz
Principal Software Engineer
Object Computing, Inc.

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