[ace-users] ACE TAO: Upgrade from 5.5.4 to 6.5.7

Yorick yorick.bosman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 11:02:43 CDT 2020

Hi Johnny and Adam,

Thanks for the quick reply.
With valgrind I could eventually found out an issue with ACE / our code
(not sure where the responsibility lies)

So, the issue is when we call CORBA::ORB_init with some strange variables:

char* argv[5];
argv[0] = "argument0";
argv[1] = "argument1";
argv[2] = "argument2";
argv[3] = "argument3";
argv[4] = "argument4";

int argc = 3;

// The issue occurs here, argv has more values after the count of 3
(specified by argc)
CORBA::ORB_init ( argc, argv, "something" );

When I force argv[3][0] = "\0"; it seems to work, although i get an other
issues somewhere else.

To be complete: everything works just fine with ACE 5.5.4. Unit tests seem
to work just fine.

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