[easel] Re: [gme-users] Invoking runComponent from GME Addon.

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Dec 7 19:07:22 CST 2005


I think you might have missed the point a bit. What you are describing 
works just fine now without hacks. The GME gui is event-based, any 
changes to the model database will be updated automatically in the gme 
gui, as the it is catching all the events.

What Dan wanted was to start an interpreter from an event-based add-on. 
That is what's not supported.


Jonathan Sprinkle wrote:

>>It might be better if Daniel were to tell us more about the "what" without
>>choosing yet a "how".  For example, just as it is possible to invoke an
>>AddOn externally, by generating a global or object event, it is possible
>>invoke a model interpreter externally.  Perhaps the external entity should
>>be orchestrating.  I don't know because I don't know what Daniel is trying
>>to accomplish.
>Good point; this may be my bias creeping in here for the solution. If I
>could just expand a bit, the goal is to have two different editors (GME and
>some External Editor [XE]) which can push design changes to the other
>through a shared repository (SR). GME --> SR --> XE currently works, because
>XE has a funky listener (itself a hack) waiting for updates from the SR.
>The goal next is to show the XE --> SR --> GME push by receiving a 'change'
>from the SR.
>I've simplified this some (and I'm by no means an expert on the software!),
>so Daniel may want to chime in with more or less specific details... 
>I thought I saw some low-hanging fruit with the AddOn, so I'm sure I biased
>the solution in this regard.....in any case, it seems that the only piece we
>are lacking is how to tell GME to check against or listen for the SR...I
>think we could make it work by pushing a button on the interpreter which
>would check against the SR, but it would be nice to just "go into" some
>model and see it has been updated based on behavior the SR or XE sends to
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