[easel] Re: [gme-users] Invoking runComponent from GME Addon.

Krishnakumar B kitty at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Dec 7 19:18:40 CST 2005

Hi Jonathan,

On Wed, 07 Dec 2005 18:39:33 -0600, Jonathan Sprinkle wrote:
>> It might be better if Daniel were to tell us more about the "what" without
>> choosing yet a "how".  For example, just as it is possible to invoke an
>> AddOn externally, by generating a global or object event, it is possible
>> to
>> invoke a model interpreter externally.  Perhaps the external entity should
>> be orchestrating.  I don't know because I don't know what Daniel is trying
>> to accomplish.
> Good point; this may be my bias creeping in here for the solution. If I
> could just expand a bit, the goal is to have two different editors (GME and
> some External Editor [XE]) which can push design changes to the other
> through a shared repository (SR). GME --> SR --> XE currently works, because
> XE has a funky listener (itself a hack) waiting for updates from the SR.

This looks like reinventing OTIF, though I might be wrong, as I don't know
the details...


Krishnakumar B <kitty at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Dept. of EECS, Vanderbilt University

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