[gme-users] GME ActiveX components

Paul Foster pfoster at atl.lmco.com
Fri Mar 3 12:53:57 CST 2006

I just discovered what you described. I too spent a while struggleing
with the ObjectInspector's MgaObject property, which is actually a

It does work nicely though, with the ActiveBrowser. If you call
ActiveBrowser.GetSelectedObjects(), It returns an IMgaObjects, suitable
for passing to the ObjectInspector.


Zoltan Molnar wrote:

>Hi Paul,
>I tried a .Net based interpreter showing a Form with the ObjectInspector
>component on it, and it worked if I set the MgaObject property to a
>Collection (!) of MgaObjects. So the name might be misleading: instead
>of one object, a collection is expected.
>For some reason (or because the COM-NET interop) the 
>MgaObjects mycoll = new MgaObjectsClass(); 
>line is not compiling, but I could get a MgaObjects collection by
>getting the RootFolder's ChildObjects property.
>IMgaTerritory terr;
>project.CreateTerritory( null, out terr, null);
>transactiontype_enum mod = transactiontype_enum.TRANSACTION_GENERAL;
>project.BeginTransaction( terr, mod);
>MgaFolder rf = project.RootFolder;
>MgaObjects childObjs = rf.ChildObjects;
>// later use this childObjs value 
>axObjectInspector2.MgaProject = project;
>axObjectInspector2.MgaObject = childObjs;
>Br, Zoli
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>>Anyone aware of known bugs in the ActiveX components like:
>>- COM exceptions when setting the MgaObject property on the 
>>object inspector
>>- Unable to get the Console to register properly
>>I'm trying to host these ActiveX components as part of a 
>>Visual Studio .Net Add-In. Which brings up the question - 
>>anyone try this?
>>Paul Foster
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