[Ace-users] Corba IDL mappings for C are not updated?

Alessio Pace alessio.pace at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 01:29:54 CDT 2007

> >1) it does not exist *just* a lwCCM profile implementation, but only
> >full CCM implementations (MICO, CIAO, ..)
> I'm not sure what you mean by this, but CIAO is definitely *not* a
> full CCM implementation, but rather a LwCCM implementation.  I can't
> speak for MICO so you'll need to contact them.

But CIAO supports the CIDL, which is *not* present in the lwCCM
specifications.. Isn't it?
I also believe that it supports other features not stricly present in
the lwCCM (segmentation maybe? I don't know it well, so I can't say

Anyway an off-topic question is also what's then the CIF for lwCCM, I
mean how a component executor implementation should look like if,
following the specs:

"The Component Implementation Framework (CIF) defines the programming
model for constructing component implementations. Implementations of
components and component homes are described in CIDL".

But the CIDL is not part of the lwCCM profile...

> >2) among those, there isn' t a pure C implementation
> Again, I can't speak for anyone besides CIAO, but it is most certainly
> NOT a pure C implementation for the reason I mentioned in my original
> email below, i.e., lack of interest from sponsors/customers.
> >The (2) point I think it's forcely like that, given the fact there is
> >no updated C mapping specification, so I wonder how a pure C
> >implementation could exist..
> That is indeed a good question.  Again, I advise you that looking for
> a C implementation of CCM - or an updated CORBA to C mapping of IDL -
> is a quixotic quest..

Yes I understand.. In fact I had no luck in finding anything suitable.

> >Could you confirm on the two points?
> I hope this answer helps - even if it's not the answer you are looking for!

Yes it helped, but as you might have seen I have still confusion in
drawing a circle around what is exactly lwCCM (and nothing more), and
if it can be supported in C or implemented in C on top of an existing
Corba ORB without a lot of pain (->no mapping specifactions, etc..)

Alessio Pace.

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