[Ace-users] Corba IDL mappings for C are not updated?

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at tango.dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Oct 19 05:08:32 CDT 2007

Hi Alessio,

>But CIAO supports the CIDL, which is *not* present in the lwCCM
>specifications.. Isn't it?

CIDL is not present in the LwCCM spec, but 

1. That doesn't make CIAO a complete implementation of CCM (e.g., it
   doesn't support PSDL and all the transaction policies).

2. We believe the absence of CIDL in LwCCM is a mistake.

>Anyway an off-topic question is also what's then the CIF for lwCCM, I
>mean how a component executor implementation should look like if,
>following the specs:

You hit the nail on the head here, which is why we kept CIDL in CIAO.
The LwCCM spec doesn't really define how to achieve the same purpose
as CIDL, i.e., it is handled in an ad hoc way by LwCCM implementations
- typically via extra flags to the IDL compiler.  We felt this was too
confusing and non-portable - hence the reason we support CIDL in CIAO.

>Yes it helped, but as you might have seen I have still confusion in
>drawing a circle around what is exactly lwCCM (and nothing more), 

I'm not sure this is a fruitful exercise since defining precisely what
LwCCM is/isn't is a rather pedantic activity!

>and if it can be supported in C or implemented in C on top of an existing
>Corba ORB without a lot of pain (->no mapping specifactions, etc..)

Using C is always painful.

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